Ben’s Best Kreplach

Kreplach is the Jewish wanton, I been looking for an original take on this for a while and finally found one at Ben’s Best Deli in queens. 

This came as a very nice surprise, while following the NY serious eats matzo ball soup guide we decide to do a Matzo ball soup crawl in queens, a rainy day like to day seem like a perfect opportunity for this type of activity, and as the pasta maker I was happy to come across this pasta like option in Ben’s Best Deli, the Kreplach is a nice alternative to Matzo ball and go very match with the same theme of chicken soup.  I like the food at Ben’s deli and was impressed and disappointed at the same time on how low fat if feels in comperason to other Jewish deli’s we are used to, both in the soup, the matzo ball and the pastrami sandwich.

This is what the matzo ball soup looks like, also comes in a huge bowl with the trademark of ‘Jewish penicillin’.

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