La Repubblica di Ronimotti

When I started this blog I planed on exploring home style italian cooking, mainly through the lans of pasta making, The idea of writing about a restaurant seems a bit odd, as the core if the idea was to take what is called the “casalinga” approach, things that real people make at home. On a Christmas trip to Israel I have been invited to a eat in a restaurant that made me change my mind about this. A small place in Tel-Aviv called La Repubblica di Ronimotti, that find a unique balance between fine and home cooking.

Before getting into more details, I’ll like to apologize in front of two dishes which certainly were worth mentioning here, but didn’t get a good enough picture, the first is the home made polenta with truffle oil which started the journey and the second is the Malfatti a spinach based pattie which was developed as a ‘mistake’ but made it to the top of the menu, served in a roasted pepper and cheese sauce, I guess I’ll have to go back to document these!


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Farfalle Kokkinisto

I always loved Greek braised lamb recipes and decided to give a try to one of the most traditional Greek takes on it, the Kokkinisto, which is essentially lamb in tomatoes sauce, but in reality it is much more. what I specially love about this dish (like many other Greek recipes) is the way the cheese changes it all, unlike most pastas this dish is eaten with feta cheese, which is a softer and saltier cheese.

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I been invited over the weekend for a dinner with the Spaetzle maker, where he prepared this amazing  southern German pasta, what really nice about this pasta is that it being made right into the pan (as you can see in the video above). The Spaetzle is a traditional dish from South Western Germany (The Schwaben who live at lake Constance originated this dish). aside to the Spaetzle-Schwob-Fix here is the traditional Spaetzle recipe. Continue reading

Ragu alla bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese

Spaghetti bolognese

Ragu alla bolognese is prob one of the most traditional pasta recipes out there, what’s really nice about this recipe is that it still translate so well into todays living (specially with some of the improvements you’ll see bellow). The basic bolognese sauce is a meat centric pasta sauce with the minimal addition of milk, wine and a few vegetables (carrot and celery), which cook over low heat for 3-4 hours till the pasta magic happen. Today I’ll like to share with you both the traditional ragu alla bolognese recipe which have been passed in my family for generations. along with the bolognese 2.0 version which is a modern take on the classic that include an improvement in the vegetables ratio as well as in the flavor extraction strategy. even though I grew up eating the traditional bolognese version (which I still have a lot of heart for), I find the modern bolognese sauce version to be superior in flavor and easier in labor. the truth is that the modern version is actually an instant classic. Continue reading

Pasta With Cauliflower

2 new takes on the traditional pasta with cauliflower recipe, pretty amazing to see how versatile this recipe and how you can really take it to very different flavor points.

The first take is with the addition of anchovies and capers which brings very nice salty flavor to the pasta.

The second take on this pasta adds french olives and a few mushrooms, this time done with chestnuts pasta which is a bit more sweet, so feel free to double on the Peperoncino.


NY Work Night Pasta

Having a fresh pasta on a work night is a real treat, and if you live in NY this is probably one of the most delicious and affordable dinners you can treat yourself to. If you have been to Raffetto’s Fresh pasta you already know what I am talking about, and if not, this is the time to familiarize yourself with some of the best fresh pasta you can get in NY, this time I got the Rosemary fettuccine, which you don’t really need to add much to since its already very flavorful, if you feel like being minimal with this pasta, I would recommend garlic, butter and a bit of truffle oil. Since we already had this amazing spicy sausage (from the Florence meat market just a few blocks away), this is the recipe we managed to improvise.

This is a quick and easy work night pasta recipe – a perfect treat of fresh pasta in the middle of the week, which will also leave you some leftovers for tomorrows lunch.

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The best Pad Thai in NY

Pad Thai have become somewhat known as the official Thai pasta, I had a chance to have real Pad Thai while visiting in the west coast, and for years been looking for a decent Pad Thai here in New York, which at some point I fall into the believe that it simply does not exist, till one of the Thai flagships from Portland came for rescue in the form of  Pok Pok. This lasts week a friend who live in Woodside Queens had been telling me that there is even more authentic spot and convinced me to jump into the car for a short trip to Woodside ave to discover some of the best Thai food in New York. Continue reading

Cavatelli at Sud

Many people have gotten to know the food scene in Bed Sty from restaurants like Do or Dine (which are great) but if you are feeling like you had enough of the hype and want to try some real Italian dining Sud Vino & Cucina next door is the place for you. The menu include a very interesting approach to Italian cheese which are integrated into almost each dish, I knew that I’ll have to be back to take more photo and give this place a proper review, but till then here is a bite of the Cavatelli  which is served with Mushroom, spinach, fresh tomato, parmesan cheese garlic evoo. Continue reading

Pasta Con Melanzane

One of my favorite pasta, which is actually also a great vegetarian pasta. This pasta really goes back to the essence and beauty of Italian cooking, you can tell by the ingredient already, eggplant and mozzarella what’s a better combination than that.  Pasta Con Melanzane is an eggplant pasta that goes beyond the boundaries of eggplants by incorporating a sequence of traditional Italian ingredients to create the perfect balance in a pasta sauce, this is indeed a pasta classic that once eaten will be remembered for years. it is also a great reminder and spirit lifting recipe that remind us all how simplicity, beauty and flavors goes hand in hands. but enough of my talking about it, here is how the recipe goes. Continue reading

5 Min Pasta

Five min pasta – What’s better than a fresh pasta before a long monopoly match up? With the fresh pasta in your belly your mind will be ready to compete on the highest level of monopoly. My girlfriend and I been invited to play a monopoly with friends, kind of like in a last min setup, I suggested obviously that we’ll make some fresh pasta to eat before the game, the first respond was something like ‘wouldn’t it be too much work?’, so I said no, actually I can’t think of more simple dish to make that would take less work than this fresh pasta, here is how the recipe goes my 5 min pasta recipe, I hope you’ll find it fun and practical for your game night as well or any other occasion where you are looking for a fun and fancy five min dinner snack, it all goes back to the magic of having access to Raffetto’s Fresh pasta or following one of the previous fresh pasta recipes in advance. Continue reading

Marcato Pasta Maker

The secret of fresh Italian pasta strait from the source, the Marcato Pasta Maker comes from the same family maker which been producing these pasta machine for genrations only now they are available for everyone to use.

If you read my previous post about the best pasta maker, you already know the Marcato pasta maker which I wanted to talk about a little more in this post, and explain why do I find it to be the ultimate pasta machine for home use. Continue reading

The Dough Hook

Food processors became a big part of making fresh pasta dough in modern days, saving many hours of hard work, the KitchenAid and cuisinart food processors are among the most popolar one which comes with a dough hook. so if you are already over the debate between using a food processor to make your dough or giving your dough a good hand job, this post is for you. now its time for the real debate KitchenAid VS Cuisinart. Continue reading