Marcato Pasta Maker

The secret of fresh Italian pasta strait from the source, the Marcato Pasta Maker comes from the same family maker which been producing these pasta machine for genrations only now they are available for everyone to use.

If you read my previous post about the best pasta maker, you already know the Marcato pasta maker which I wanted to talk about a little more in this post, and explain why do I find it to be the ultimate pasta machine for home use.

As you know there are many pasta makers out there which range at different prices and qualities, in my opinion pasta maker is not something you buy every day, and for most people it is something you buy once in your life (or even better – receive it as a gift!), so I think that it is important that you’ll have a machine that will suite you for life as well, even if you are not using it everyday, you still want your pasta maker to be there for you when you need it.

Another reason which I find the Marcato pasta maker to be such a great pasta maker is the ease and quality of the pasta it makes and the fact that it is so easy, if you get a machine that you are not enjoying to work with you will not enjoy making your fresh pasta and soon you’ll not use it at all, or even worse you’ll use it and your pasta will flavor will reflect the luck of joy in the process.

Its really easy to set up the Marcato pasta maker all you need is a table or a surface where you can attache it too, it comes with a screw which you secure to the table for the time you are working – do not worry this is not something you can not un screw or take apart in less than 10 sec. (sometime it will come off even as you move the machine on the table), you can see the type of hock – screw I am talking about in the picture above.

Making fresh pasta is a delicate process, when you use the marcato pasta maker or any pasta maker in this case, you want to make sure you start on the thickest level and go down the scale to your desire thickness, often people make this mistake and have to start all over again.

Once you have the pasta dough flatten you’ll want to slice it into the right shape, and this is where I find the Marcato pasta maker to be most useful, unlike other pasta machines, the marcato comes with a knife attachment which is replaceable, so you can modify the shape of the pasta you cut, one day you can make fettuccine while another day spaghetti, you are not limited to one cut, this diversity is in my opinion what gives the marcato pasta maker its advantage.

Another point which may sound somewhat romantic but to me it make sense, is the fact that the marcato pasta maker is made in Italy by the marcato family, though the Italian originally took the pasta from the nodule, they did master its art and when it comes to pasta I prefer their product to any other made in china one, when I make other type of nodules I’ll use other machines.

Well I can most likely keep you here talking about the Marcato pasta maker, but probably the best thing will be to show it to you in action, so here is a demonstration of how it work



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