Pasta Bike

The way you ride (cut) your pasta says a lot about who you are, The pasta bike will give your fresh pasta the style flavor and cut you often see in restaurants. now you too can give your pasta a stylish cut.

Many people ask me whats the best way to cut fresh pasta dough, the truth is that there is no one way, as there are so many pasta styles out there, some people like to cut their pasta with a pasta bike, some like to use a pastry wheel and some like to use the pasta bike.

Pasta bike

Pasta bike

Pasta bike is a great tool to cut fresh pasta dough, which could make your life easier since it will cut 6-8 pieces in one cuts. some people would not cut their pasta without a proper Pasta bike, so I wanted to give it a fair try, the truth is that I was never really successful in using this device, I assume that the dough have to be stretch to a point that the bike can easily cut it, or perhaps its that my bike was not sharp enough. I really wanted to love this pasta bike, specially since it comes from the Marcato family, which I am a big fan of their pasta making products, so just to be fair, I made a second attempt so you can judge for yourself if you want to use the Pasta bike or an attachment to your pasta maker.

The Marcato Pasta bike round II:

3 thoughts on “Pasta Bike

  1. You should demo how it is so much better for cutting ravioli. I bought the ravioli stamp cutters and they did not cut my pasta well. The “bike” cut the squares to the dimensions I wanted and like little postage stamps, much more uniform. I love that you can remove some of the center wheels to make different thicknesses of Pasta noodels. I use the kitchen aid for all other shapes but for ravioli the bike is the way to go!

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