Reinventing the Wheel

Using a pastry wheel is a great way to cut your fresh pasta, and something that will open a window for much pasta creativity, if you wonder what will be the right wheel to cut fresh pasta, well there are many options, here are some that I found most useful.

For many years I used to make pasta with a pasta maker only, I never had a pastry wheel in my kitchen even,  and when I finally got one I didn’t think much of it at first. One day I remember, I was going to make angle hair spaghetti and I realized that running the dough through the pasta maker on such a low thickness level really makes the dough very long, perhaps too long to handle, so I used the pastry wheel to cut it in half (which resulted with perfect angle hair pasta length), quickly I found myself playing with the pastry wheel cutting different shape of pasta, and what was planed to be an angle hair spaghetti ended up being something much more interesting and creative Since then I became somewhat addicted to the pastry wheel cut, While I do enjoy the firm and consistence cut of a traditional pasta cutter, I love the edges you can get when using a wheel, and the variation you can create in width, I find it to be more casalinga (homestyle) type of pasta, where you can really give each shape its own personality.

I been using the Paderno World Cuisine Stainless Steel Pastry Wheels, which is actually a double pastry wheel, one with a strait edge and one with a curly knife (which will give your pasta a nice curly shape), aside to the fact that is its a stainless steel product which is easy to clean and would most likely to last for many years, the Paderno wheel makes you feel like a professional in the kitchen, if you are making pasta or ravioli this is will become an essential part of your process.

Pastry wheel

Pastry wheel

Often when we make fresh pasta at home we end up with a dough in an un-even shape when it comes out of the pasta maker, the pastry wheel help you solve this problem, if you care about having pasta at different lengths.

When it comes to making ravioli at home (which you most likely use the same pasta dough) a good pastry wheel is crucial. two things you want to make sure your wheel does right, and this is where I find the Paderno wheel to be reinventing the wheel as it cuts very well, but also curl very nicely, so with two wheels you get the most out of your cut. Both of the wheels are very sharp and easily cut the pasta dough (much better actually from the pasta bike).

So if you are planning to make fresh pasta at home, I highly recommend adding  this pastry wheel to your pasta gadgets collection, it will make your life in pasta land much better!

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