Pasta With Cauliflower

2 new takes on theĀ traditional pasta with cauliflower recipe, pretty amazing to see how versatile this recipe and how you can really take it to very different flavor points.

The first take is with the addition of anchovies and capers which brings very nice salty flavor to the pasta.

The second take on this pasta adds french olives and a few mushrooms, this time done with chestnuts pasta which is a bit more sweet, so feel free to double on the Peperoncino.


Pasta Col Cavolofiore

Cauliflower is a key ingredient in Italian cooking, and though most people know if from different antipasti combinations, this dish will prove you that it is also on the pro-pasta agenda. Like many other pastas it is simple and easy to make yet its flavor goes a long way. I specially like the combination of the cauliflower with the anchovies. It is a great summer pasta but you can also serve it in winter, you just canā€™t really go wrong with it. it will go well with both red or white wine. I love how this dish capture a lot of somewhat complex flavors in such a simple way. it is another pasta classic in the making! Continue reading