La Repubblica di Ronimotti

When I started this blog I planed on exploring home style italian cooking, mainly through the lans of pasta making, The idea of writing about a restaurant seems a bit odd, as the core if the idea was to take what is called the “casalinga” approach, things that real people make at home. On a Christmas trip to Israel I have been invited to a eat in a restaurant that made me change my mind about this. A small place in Tel-Aviv called La Repubblica di Ronimotti, that find a unique balance between fine and home cooking.

Before getting into more details, I’ll like to apologize in front of two dishes which certainly were worth mentioning here, but didn’t get a good enough picture, the first is the home made polenta with truffle oil which started the journey and the second is the¬†Malfatti a spinach based pattie¬†which was developed as a ‘mistake’ but made it to the top of the menu, served in a roasted pepper and cheese sauce, I guess I’ll have to go back to document these!


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