The Dough Hook

Food processors became a big part of making fresh pasta dough in modern days, saving many hours of hard work, the KitchenAid and cuisinart food processors are among the most popolar one which comes with a dough hook. so if you are already over the debate between using a food processor to make your dough or giving your dough a good hand job, this post is for you. now its time for the real debate KitchenAid VS Cuisinart. Continue reading

Fresh Pasta Recipe

Good dough is the first step in making any fresh pasta. after many experiments and research, I am happy to reveal the best pasta dough recipe I found. This is a simple formula but there are crucial parts in order to get make it successfully.

The ingredient for making fresh pasta dough are very basic, as pasta is a simple dish yet a very versatile one. all it takes to make fresh pasta is eggs, flour, salt and olive oil.

Warning: Not all eggs are created equal!

Eggs: If you made fresh pasta before you already know that not all eggs are created equal, and when it comes to pasta if your eggs are not as flavorful you’ll most likely need to come up with a different strategy. First you’ll need to identify the quality of your eggs. This is the pasta maker official take on eggs in one word: FRESH. what makes a good egg is its freshness and where it came from, make sure you are using organic or at least cage free eggs, if you can get eggs directly from a chicken you know and trust that is the best you can do, but like most of us you’ll have to compromise on using fresh (check the date) organic egg.

Half & Half

Flour: You can use regular all purpose flour, though to maximize the flavor I recommend using a mix of semolina and all purpose flour. The core formula is actually very simple, for what ever amount you are making use half semolina and half all purpose flour.

This is pretty much it to know about the ingredients, as for the equipment, you can use the old school technique of making a mountain of flour on a big table and slowly mixing the eggs in, but to be honest with you even the oldest grandmother had already switched to something more advance – using a food processor. While you will finish your dough with a good hand job with a rolling pin, using the food processor will save you around 15-20 min of hard work. any food processor with a dough hook will do the work, If you do not have a food processor I recommend looking into getting the kitchenaid one, I find it to be an amazing food processor which does great work making doughs not only for pasta but for breads and many other type of pastries.

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