Pasta With Cauliflower

2 new takes on the traditional pasta with cauliflower recipe, pretty amazing to see how versatile this recipe and how you can really take it to very different flavor points.

The first take is with the addition of anchovies and capers which brings very nice salty flavor to the pasta.

The second take on this pasta adds french olives and a few mushrooms, this time done with chestnuts pasta which is a bit more sweet, so feel free to double on the Peperoncino.


Cavatelli at Sud

Many people have gotten to know the food scene in Bed Sty from restaurants like Do or Dine (which are great) but if you are feeling like you had enough of the hype and want to try some real Italian dining Sud Vino & Cucina next door is the place for you. The menu include a very interesting approach to Italian cheese which are integrated into almost each dish, I knew that I’ll have to be back to take more photo and give this place a proper review, but till then here is a bite of the Cavatelli  which is served with Mushroom, spinach, fresh tomato, parmesan cheese garlic evoo. Continue reading

Pasta Con Melanzane

One of my favorite pasta, which is actually also a great vegetarian pasta. This pasta really goes back to the essence and beauty of Italian cooking, you can tell by the ingredient already, eggplant and mozzarella what’s a better combination than that.  Pasta Con Melanzane is an eggplant pasta that goes beyond the boundaries of eggplants by incorporating a sequence of traditional Italian ingredients to create the perfect balance in a pasta sauce, this is indeed a pasta classic that once eaten will be remembered for years. it is also a great reminder and spirit lifting recipe that remind us all how simplicity, beauty and flavors goes hand in hands. but enough of my talking about it, here is how the recipe goes. Continue reading