The Dough Hook

Food processors became a big part of making fresh pasta dough in modern days, saving many hours of hard work, the KitchenAid and cuisinart food processors are among the most popolar one which comes with a dough hook. so if you are already over the debate between using a food processor to make your dough or giving your dough a good hand job, this post is for you. now its time for the real debate KitchenAid VS Cuisinart. Continue reading

Reinventing the Wheel

Using a pastry wheel is a great way to cut your fresh pasta, and something that will open a window for much pasta creativity, if you wonder what will be the right wheel to cut fresh pasta, well there are many options, here are some that I found most useful.

For many years I used to make pasta with a pasta maker only, I never had a pastry wheel in my kitchen even,  and when I finally got one I didn’t think much of it at first. One day I remember, I was going to make angle hair spaghetti and I realized that running the dough through the pasta maker on such a low thickness level really makes the dough very long, perhaps too long to handle, so I used the pastry wheel to cut it in half (which resulted with perfect angle hair pasta length), quickly I found myself playing with the pastry wheel cutting different shape of pasta, and what was planed to be an angle hair spaghetti ended up being something much more interesting and creative Continue reading

Pasta Bike

The way you ride (cut) your pasta says a lot about who you are, The pasta bike will give your fresh pasta the style flavor and cut you often see in restaurants. now you too can give your pasta a stylish cut.

Many people ask me whats the best way to cut fresh pasta dough, the truth is that there is no one way, as there are so many pasta styles out there, some people like to cut their pasta with a pasta bike, some like to use a pastry wheel and some like to use the pasta bike.

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Keep On Rolling

Rolling pin

Rolling pin

When making fresh pasta dough, just like in any other dough, a rolling pin may play a crucial part, while you can’t really go wrong with a rolling pin, there are certainly ways you can get better when you use the right one.

I already have a food process – I don’t need a rolling pin.

Even if you are using a food processor to make your dough, you still need to work it out for a few min with a rolling pin (or by hand), this will inject more air into your dough and will give your pasta a lighter feel, rather than a condensed and heavier texture which you normally get with mass produced pasta.

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Pasta Tripod

Using a pasta drying rack is something that will help you take your home made pasta making to the next level, and help you avoid having your fresh pasta stick and had to be redone, drying your pasta right is a very important part of making pasta at home. If you made fresh pasta at home before you already know how crucial it is to let your pasta dry in the right way other wise your freshly cut pasta will dry on top of each other and stick back into another form of dough.

I used to dry my pasta on a traditional pasta drying rack made from wood, which is the way pasta had been dried for many generations in my family, and indeed I find nothing wrong with using this method, until a friend of mine gave a gift  the Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Rack, which comes from another family who been making fresh pasta for many generations (perhaps even longer than my heritage :) ), at first this looked to me like some kind of a toy I do not need in my kitchen, when I opened the packaged the thing looked like a tripod, a pasta tripod, I wasn’t sure if this is the right pasta gadget for me. Then one day I was invited to make fresh pasta at another friend kitchen where he also had the same fancy pasta drying rack, that was the night everything changed. Continue reading

Pasta Pot

There are two types of pasta pots which are used for two different things, one to cook the pasta and one to make the sauce, for the pasta pot you want a nice 8 quart pot that will hold the temperature when you drop the pasta in, so just to get the definition right, the pan that you’ll be cooking the pasta sauce in is not a pasta pot, this may be any  french skillet or  saute pan, when we are talking about pasta pan, we are talking about the pan you’ll be cooking your pasta in, but before we get in to the pan, there is one more thing you need to know which is crucial when it comes to making fresh pasta, There are two ways which most people get the pasta out of the pan, but only one of them is the right way to make fresh pasta. Continue reading

The Best Pasta Maker

What’s the best pasta maker for home use? Like in anything else its pretty much up to your standard, I love using the marcato pasta maker, the same machine which been used by my mother and grandmother.

Getting a pasta maker is the first step you’ll take in to the world of home made fresh past. If making fresh pasta is new to you, Like many people who write me with the ultimate question “I want to make fresh pasta at home, which pasta maker should I get?“, well as usual there is not just one answer. as I mention earlier I been using the marcato pasta maker 180 which is very similar to the Marcato 150 - the more popular model. Here are some of the thoughts which led me to buy the marcato pasta maker rather than other pasta machine out there. Continue reading