The best Pad Thai in NY

Pad Thai have become somewhat known as the official Thai pasta, I had a chance to have real Pad Thai while visiting in the west coast, and for years been looking for a decent Pad Thai here in New York, which at some point I fall into the believe that it simply does not exist, till one of the Thai flagships from Portland came for rescue in the form of  Pok Pok. This lasts week a friend who live in Woodside Queens had been telling me that there is even more authentic spot and convinced me to jump into the car for a short trip to Woodside ave to discover some of the best Thai food in New York.

The place is called Ayada and as you can read in this NY Times review it has everything you’ll dream about in regard to Thai food.

Though my intention were to write a post about Pad Thai, this was certainly the highlight of the meal, Crispy Catfish Salad served with papaya strings, tomatoes, cilantro and fried catfish. even as The Pasta Maker I would encourage you to go ahead and order this salad, even at the price of having less room for your daily pasta.

My friend ordered the Massaman Curry with chicken, which was also an exceptional carry. The friend (which would not expose his identity in this blog) had said that there are 2 other Thai food spots in Woodside that are worth checking, but for me I already know that I found the best Thai food I had in NY.

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