The Dough Hook

Food processors became a big part of making fresh pasta dough in modern days, saving many hours of hard work, the KitchenAid and cuisinart food processors are among the most popolar one which comes with a dough hook. so if you are already over the debate between using a food processor to make your dough or giving your dough a good hand job, this post is for you. now its time for the real debate KitchenAid VS Cuisinart.

I’m sure you heard many times that fresh pasta dough should be done by hand, putting flour on the table, slowly mixing the eggs inside, well let me tell you some news, its been many years that even in Italy people been using one of the great kitchen gadgets to boost this process, and guess what it does not really affect the flavor at all, I can tell you from my own experience that some of the most traditional Italian grandmothers have let me in on this pasta making secret, they are all using a food processor with a dough hook, so what used to take around 20-30 min of hard work take just a few pulses now.

Well now that we cleared that out, it is time to move into another debate, one that is centered around the real issue when it comes to fresh pasta dough, which food processor is the best for the job the KitchenAid KFPW760WH 700-Watt 12-Cup or the Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11?

I guess this question goes back to the early days of food processors, and probably became more of a cultural than a functional one, like being a fan of one sport team from another. Though people on either side will most likely to say that one of the food processors is better. Personally I been using the KitchenAid mixer since that the one that I have and at the time I got it, I used to think of it as a superior food processor, but I am happy to announce here in public that when it comes to pasta making I find both the KitchenAid and the Cuisinart to be equally good, perhaps the Cuisinart has a small advantage of having a wider edge to incorporate the eggs (or other produce when you are not making pasta dough), but this is not crucial for fresh pasta making.

kitchenAid-food processor

kitchenAid-food processor

cuisineart-food processor

cuisineart-food processor

Another feature which people been asking me about is the fact that the Cuisinart food processor speeds automatically adjusts to ensure proper dough consistency, I think that this could be a good feature for a beginner dough maker, but as you gain more experience making dough you will see that having a feel and using pulses with your dough hook is more important when it comes to making dough in a food processor. Just like in the old time when people used to make dough by hand, it is crucial to develop a sense for your dough, to feel when its almost ready and to know when to give it the final push right before you take it out and work it by hand, this will ensure that your dough is stretched and have enough air inside to make great pasta.


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